Uforia Studios | GRIT

“Uforia could write a book on AMAZING hospitality. Adding this new studio to my top 5 list. I can’t wait to go back and try more classes.”


Who: Lee

What: GRIT

Where: 1561 California Street (Nob Hill)

Why: An indoor boot camp-style class that features a blend of weight training and cardio conditioning, utilizing a variety of equipment (gliders, step, residence bands and hand weights) set to dance music.

The Damage: $23.00

Overall Rating: 9/10

  • Fun Factor: 9/10

  • Exertion Factor: 8/10

  • Instructors: 8/10

  • Facilities: 9/10

Pros: The folks of Uforia could write a book on AMAZING hospitality. Every single person was so friendly and welcoming. New clients are greeted with a smile upon check in and taken on a tour of the facilities. Following class, the folks at the front desk brought everyone cold towels and fruit, and stuck around to chat. Such a treat - what a wonderful first experience! I think this studio is also one of the poshest I’ve visited in SF. They have everything you need on hand to get ready including a large variety of toiletries should you forget something. In terms of the class itself, the music was awesome and the pace is so quick that class flies by. The class utilizes a ton of different equipment which keeps things interesting as well.


Cons: GRIT isn’t the most intense bootcamp... I’d say if you’re looking for a total a$$ kicking, better head to Barry’s instead. That said, the intensity level was exactly what I was looking for on a Sunday morning: much more challenging than a barre class, but at no point did I feel like I was about to pass out. High impact on the knees. Like most bootcamps, I don't recommend this if you have injuries...